Spring has sprung early this year and it’s nice and warm out making it an easy choice to get outside and experience the adventures that Revelstoke has to offer. With so many extreme sports happening in Revelstoke it’s easy to overlook all the wonderful family friendly activities that happen here every day as well. We’ve broken down a few of our favourites for you to view and perhaps try out along with us!

High Ropes
There’s just something so much fun about walking tight ropes, zipping through the tree tops, and climbing through upscales from tree to tree. Especially all in a fun and safe environment that the SkyTrek Adventure Park offers.

Learn more: skytrekadventurepark.com

New Mountain Coaster
It’s the new talk of the town, and we can’t wait to try it. Revelstoke Mountain Resort’s newest thrill, The Pipe Mountain Coaster. Fly down the mountain at speeds up to 42 km/hr over 1.4 km of twists and turns and includes a 279m vertical drop. All safely strapped in and ready to provide thrills and excitement all at your own control.

Watch the video: https://youtu.be/1J876Wse1Js

There is a range of hiking trails for all ages and abilities here in Revelstoke. If you’re a beginner or want an easy stroll around the top of a mountain, you can’t beat the multitude of trails around Mountain Revelstoke National Park – offering both valley bottom rain forest hikes as well as top of the mountain hikes with breath taking views.

For a local’s view on the trail’s check out this Revelstoke Online Trail Guide: revelstoketrails.com

If you’re looking to explore a bit more of the mountain’s, try it on two wheels! Revelstoke is known for it’s vast mountain bike trails offering a  variety of terrain and skill level abilities.

Check out Revelstoke’s Bike map or contact Wandering Wheels for a tour suited to your ability.

Water Sports
With the temperatures getting warmer there’s nothing like a good swim to cool you down. Why not make it a bit more exciting and go for a float. Revelstoke offers Canoeing, Kayaking, Stand-up Paddling, Rafting and so much more.

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Giant Cedars Boardwalk Trail Revelstoke BCWhen traveling in Canada, the Giant Cedars Boardwalk Trail is a great stopping point for relaxing for a short period of time and enjoying a gentle walk through the amazing wooded area. You can find the Giant Cedars Boardwalk Trail about 30 kilometers from Revelstoke, B.C. The walk is about half a kilometer and takes you right into the heart of the forest in Mount Revelstoke National Park. Some of the trees found in the Giant Cedars Boardwalk Trail are at least 500 years old. The trail is in the area of the Giant Cedars Picnic area. There are plenty of signs along the highway to help you find it, and once you are in the parking lot, all it takes is a few steps and you are deep inside the forest.

There is a wooden boardwalk that guides the trail. There are some areas with steps, but most everyone can take this short walk. Along the way there are plenty of benches so that you can sit and enjoy the towering trees and beautiful, serene surroundings. For those walking on the trail, beware that there could be mosquitoes, and a mosquito repellent or long sleeves and pants should be worn.

In most cases, the trail is open the months of June through September unless there is bad weather. You will need to purchase a park pass to enjoy a stop inside the park just as you would with other national parks inside of Canada.

There are several options for purchasing a park pass.

  • There is a manned kiosk during the busy summer months in the parking area for the trail.
  • There is a Parks Canada office in the town of Revelstoke. With Revelstoke being such a quaint and charming town, it is a nice spot to have a cup of coffee or grab a quick lunch.
  • At the Rogers Pass summit, there is a visitor’s center where you can get information on the park and pick up a park pass.

If you have plans to travel through Revelstoke, Canada, you should stop and visit the Giant Cedars Boardwalk Trail.

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Revelstoke aquatic centre free passesEven when the snow covers the ground and the ponds are coated with ice, visitors to British Columbia can enjoy a refreshing dip or a full day of exciting fun at the Revelstoke Aquatic Center. With clean lines and contemporary architecture, this beautiful aquatic environment provides a welcome opportunity for the entire family to unwind and participate in a variety of aquatic and fitness adventures. Individuals and families can enjoy the wonderful activities at Revelstoke Aquatic Center all year round.


Youngsters will enjoy splashing with one another in the wading pool while older children can take advantage of the always-popular water slide. Those that desire a restful experience will delight as they languorously float down the Revelstoke Aquatic Center’s lazy river. Recreational swimmers will appreciate the capacious Olympic sized swimming pool, and individuals who enjoy swimming laps can take advantage of adult lane swimming, which is open during specified times. Those who participate in regular exercise routines will be pleased to take the adult water aerobics classes that provide a fun and healthy workout. In addition, daredevils relish in defying the thrilling climbing wall. Visitors will appreciate the fact that all the pools at Revelstoke Aquatic Center are filled with salt water.


After a day spent swimming and splashing in the pools, individuals can take advantage of the many options that soothe sore muscles. The sauna and steam rooms at Revelstoke Aquatic Center provide an even heat that aids in relaxation and recuperation. The luxurious whirlpool also offers an ideal opportunity to unwind. Visitors will leave feeling revived after spending time in the steam rooms and hot tubs.


Staffed by a bevy of pleasant and professional employees, the Revelstoke Aquatic Center acts as a must see attraction in Revelstoke, British Columbia. The cozy Swiss Chalet Motel, located close to the Revelstoke Aquatic Center, offers its guests free aquatic and fitness center passes.


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The peace of bird and wildlife watching is an experience that must be enjoyed personally to fully understand. The Revelstoke bird and wildlife watching opportunities provide individuals with the ability to see a wide range of wild animals in their natural environment. By visiting Revelstoke National Park and enjoying the bird watching and wildlife viewing opportunities, the peace of the activity will display the wonder of the environment.

Bird Watching

Revelstoke National Park is known for the birds that breed and live throughout the area. Visitors can expect to see a wide range of birds throughout the park as they travel and enjoy the fresh sights of the natural environment.

Bird watching starts with identifying the species that are most common to the area. In Revelstoke, visitors can expect to see several species, though the particular birds gather in different areas throughout the park.

Visitors who come in late spring can expect to see birds like the Magnolia Warbler, the Rufous hummingbird and the pine grosbeak. While the late spring and early summer months of May and June are the ideal time to visit the part for a wide variety of bird watching opportunities, later visitors can enjoy the sight of species that are sometimes missed during other seasons.

Visitors who enjoy the park during the summer months of July and August can expect to see beautiful golden eagles, water pipits and the rosy finch enjoying the summer sun and the ability to raise young in a peaceful environment.

Wildlife Viewing

While the national park is well-known for the wide variety of bird species, it also has a wide array of wildlife. The mammals within the park offer several species, though visitors will need to take care to avoid scaring the animals during the trip.

Spring visitors are likely to have the opportunity to see mice, ground-squirrels, black bears and even mountain caribou. The particular animals viewed at the park depend on the time of year and the status of the animal. While some visitors will see mountain caribou, many will not due to the relative rarity of the mammal.

Animals and birds are available for viewing at Revelstoke National Park throughout the year. While spring and summer offer the largest variety, even winter visitors are likely to see deer and snowshoe hare. It is one of the best locations for bird watching or wildlife viewing due to the many species that live in the national park.

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Anglers will enjoy fishing in Revelstoke as the area features a beautiful and abundant fishing environment. The destination offers several lakes including Col Lake, Tilley Lake and Victor Lake where anglers have the chance to catch whitefish, carp and sockeye.

Revelstoke fishing includes fly-fishing in the area’s lakes or trolling for trout. Anglers will reel in numerous trout species such as rainbow, cutthroat and brook. Fishermen must remember to purchase a license to enjoy their hobby, which they can buy from most sporting goods stores in the area.

Anglers can rent a boat or fish from a lakeshore. When bringing bait, fishermen should be aware that the area bans the use of scented or chemically enhanced lures. However, feathers, metal and plastic are welcome.

With fly-fishing, anglers can only use artificial flies, which include a single or double hook. Anglers may augment their flies with fur or feathers, but cannot add a spinner.

When anglers arrive from other parts of the country to fish, they may consider catch and release as transporting fish home may be challenging. During catch and release, fishermen should not allow fish to remain on the line for very long, which can cause them to die after an angler releases them back into the water.

Anglers must remember to bring a fish out of the water slowly as taking a fish out of the water too rapidly may cause the air bladder to explode and kill the fish. Once a fisherman has reeled in his or her catch, the fish should be handled gently with the angler keeping the fish in the water constantly. Anglers should not touch the creature’s gills and, even though they’re slippery, avoid squeezing.

Anglers who intend to catch and release should keep needle nose pliers on hand to remove the fishing hook. When the fish has swallowed a hook too deep, anglers should allow the hook to remain inside the creature as it will gradually decompose. In fact, fish typically survive after swallowing a hook.

When fishing in Revelstoke, anglers have a variety of lodging options that include campgrounds and cozy indoor accommodations such as the Swiss Chalet Motel.

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revelstoke-mountain-resortSituated on Mount Mackenzie, Revelstoke Mountain Resort is the only resort in the world that offers lift, cat and heli-skiing, all from one place. With an annual snowfall between 12 and 18 meters, Revelstoke is able to offer the highest lift service in North America, reaching a maximum height of 1,713 meters to drop you to the Revelstoke ski hill below. 3,121 acres are available for fall line skiing and there are 15 areas of gladed terrain. Revelstoke Mountain Resort offers more than 20 lifts and over 100 different runs for skiers and snowboarders.

Plenty of dining is available at the resort. The Rockford Wok Bar and Grill offers a varied menu and large portions. There are also plenty of spots that are great for picking up lunch on the go, such as The Mackenzie Outpost. Wine lovers will enjoy the area’s wine bar, aptly named Wino. Revelstoke Mountain Resort also offers a store, perfect for picking up outerwear, extra layers or other skiing and snowboarding supplies.

Accommodations are not hard to come by at the resort. From single family homes and rentable condos to luxury suites and bargain motels, there is something for all prices ranges. One such location is the Swiss Chalet Motel, located in the center of Revelstoke.

Offering just 22 rooms to visitors, Swiss Chalet Motel is quiet and private, allowing for peaceful seclusion between ski runs. Each morning starts with a large and completely free breakfast and contributes to one of the many reasons that the motel was voted “Best Value” by TripAdvisor. Visitors can also relax and watch large LCD televisions, enjoy the view from the balcony or participate in unlimited swimming and exercise at the Revelstoke Aquatic Centre. Free Wi-Fi is available for all visitors. The entire motel is non-smoking.

Swiss Chalet Motel offers more competitive packages than many of the other Revelstoke ski packages in the area. From the time the resort opens for the season until December 21, visitors of the motel can enjoy full day passes and standard queen accommodations ranging from $195 USD to $467 USD. December 22 through February 27, full day passes and standard queen rooms cost between $238 USD and $539 USD. If you prefer to ski later in the season, package prices are the same as the beginning of the season. Prices are dependent upon the number of people and are slightly higher if you are travelling solo.

An enchanting and peaceful place with great rates, there is really no reason not to pack up your ski gear and hit the slopes and an accommodation in Revelstoke Mountain Resort.

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Revelstoke offers some of the best rock climbing in Canada. Since the first climbers started plotting routes back in the early ‘90s, the number of routes at Revelstoke has continued to increase. The sheer numbers of climbing routes in this area will amaze those unfamiliar with Revelstoke.

Today there are 14 different climbing areas from which to choose at Revelstoke. These 14 climbing areas offer climbers 46 cliffs to tackle. An amazing 304 routes are available on these 46 cliffs. This large number of routes ensures that every skill level of climber will find a route to their liking here.

The shortest route at Revelstoke is only 15 meters in height, while there are two intimidating routes on the 450-meter high Columbia Buttress. Many of these routes are sport routes that do not require any specialized climbing gear, but there are definitely some technically challenging routes that will require climbers to gear up.

Though the sheer numbers of different climbs available at Revelstoke is one reason for its rapidly growing popularity in the climbing community, that is not all it has to offer. Many climbers are drawn to Revelstone for the tremendous beauty of the scenery that surrounds it.

Most of the routes at Revelstoke will start out in evergreen forest full of the lovely scent of fresh pine. As climbers slowly ascend above the treetops, more and more of the vast vistas come into view. Those that climb to the summit of the cliffs will be rewarded with fantastic views of miles of pine forests that disappear into gorgeous glaciers, snow-capped mountains and icy blue lakes.

Another great reason to climb at Revelstoke is that the area offers many more services than many other climbing destinations. These services start with a number of excellent climbing guides that can teach beginners the ropes as well as show experienced climbers the best routes to take on some of the more challenging climbs.

There are also many fine lodging options around Revelstoke, ranging from plush hotels to basic camping. Climbers that work up a hunger out on the cliffs will enjoy the many fine restaurants in the area.

Climbers will also enjoy the fact that there is a climbing gear shop here that will provide every kind of climbing gear imaginable as well as a wide range of camping equipment. Revelstoke really has everything possible to make it a perfect climbing destination.

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The Revelstoke area contains hundreds of kilometres of trails open for exploration. Journey along rambling valley creeks to lakes found on mountain paths. Mountain trails often have snow until the middle of summer, which provides amazing contrast against the clear blue skies and lush vegetation of the slopes. Companies not only supply rental ATVs but also offer tours throughout the area. Experienced guides know the trails and prime locations for optimal landscape and wildlife viewing.

Mount Revelstoke National Park offers spectacular scenery at any elevation. Enjoy a scenic meadow blanketed in colourful wildflowers. Explore the local wetlands that provide a home for a large variety of birds and mammals that include beaver and muskrat. See skunk cabbage plants and other native vegetation.
Stop at alpine lakes and dine on fresh fish while surrounded by thick green forests.

Journey into the center of old rainforests having trees over 600 years old. While in the park, visit the hydro dam that generates enough electricity to power hundreds of thousands of homes throughout British Columbia. Interactive displays at the visitor’s center explain the dam’s construction and the process of converting waterpower into electricity.

Glacier National Park features over 400 glaciers that continue shaping the landscape of the Columbia Mountains while feeding the sparkling rivers. Along the journey, guests have the opportunity of seeing a vast array of native wildlife. Stop at the Rogers Pass Centre and hear the stories of railroad development through the pass.

Explore the ruins of the Glacier House hotel and venture through the hall of railway models. Make a side trip into Hemlock Grove and see hemlock trees over 300 years old. Take the Loop Brook Trail and enjoy the scenery while seeing the stone pillars that once carried railway tracks across the region and represent some of the oldest surviving manmade structures in the country.

Ride to the Heritage Ghost Town located near the Three Valley Lake Chateau. The recreated village features over 25 historic buildings. Though rescued from other locations and renovated, these structures provide an accurate account of life centuries ago. Tour the Antique Auto Museum housing vehicles that date back to 1902. Explore the Railway Roundhouse that harbours locomotive engines and rail cars along with a functional turntable.

Base a Revelstoke ATV adventure from the Swiss Chalet Hotel. In the evening, relax surrounded by the comfort of modern conveniences after a long day on the trails. Guests also find a variety of information at the hotel concerning touring options.

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There is nothing like whitewater rafting in Revelstoke, British Columbia. If you love nautical sports and activities, Mt. Revelstoke National Park offers hours of non-stop excitement. This popular river destination features hemlock groves and huge cedar trees. The area is also blanketed by vast vegetation and captivating wild flowers. Whether you are an experienced rafter or a first timer, the Apex Raft Company has you covered. With years of extensive experience, their professional team showcases the best of Revelstoke and the Illecillewaet River. This includes 22 kilometers of beautiful water, nestled within tranquil stretches and breathtaking rapids. This adventure also features a number of scenic destinations, which truly puts you in touch with nature.

The whitewater rafting trip also includes the Albert Peaks tower. This miracle of nature rises at 8,000 feet above the rafts, with an altitude of over 10,000 feet. Whitewater rafting is also a great way to meet other enthusiasts that share the same passion. Your whitewater-rafting trip is guaranteed to deliver thrills and excitement at every turn. The Apex Raft Company specializes in both small and large groups, as well as corporate group bookings for optimal convenience. If you love rafting, Revelstoke offers a whitewater experience like no other. There is even biking, hiking, and walking trails for the ultimate nature tour.

Revelstoke is also home to the popular Swiss Chalet Motel. This luxury venue features multiple rooms with a vast selection of amenities. In fact, when booking your whitewater rafting trip, make sure to include the Swiss Chalet Motel. The venue offers instant access to Mount Revelstoke and countless scenic trails and passes. Whether it’s hiking, walking, or mountain climbing, you and your loved ones will simply experience nature at its finest. After a long day of whitewater rafting, the motel is the perfect place to relax in, while enjoying quality time with friends and family. With 22 spacious rooms, the motel offers first class and friendly services. This includes free high-speed wireless Internet, along with complimentary breakfast and beverages.

The motel also features an on-site fitness center and pool. If you want to stay in, each room has a convenient coffee maker, as well as large LCD televisions and cable TV. There are also connections for DVD players as well. If you are in the mood for barbecue, the courtyard offers plenty of BBQ pits for your convenience. For the best in whitewater rafting and exquisite accommodations, book your stay at the Swiss Chalet Motel today.

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